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    Dave Kincman has an extensive background in manufacturing, engineering, and management. For nearly twenty five years he served as the President and CEO of Styletek Inc., an injection molding company that produced products for a diverse customer base. Styletek was known as the premier source for women's shoe heels in the United States, but as the world changed, so did the company. Diversification brought many new challenges and many new markets. Styletek became involved in the golf industry; developing and producing such unique products as the original "Nite Lite" golf ball, The "Birdie ball, and the "White Nite golf ball to mention a few. Law enforcement products are another niche that the company became involved with; developing many items related to gun retention for the holster industry as well as many other belt accessories. It was through this industry that we became involved in leather sourcing. Having been involved in Leon Mexico from the early 90's, and having developed a strong following there, finding reliable sources for vegetable, chrome, mixed tan, and Eco friendly leather was a natural. After leaving Styletek Dave decided to continue the excellent relationships that he developed over almost three decades in the footwear and allied leather industries by forming SOB Sales. Dave said "heck my name is synonymous with SOB anyway", even though the name refers to "South of the Border". From a marketing point of view my thinking was whenever someone wanted to remember who that SOB was that showed them something, all they would have to do is go to the web and Google SOB----and there I am!

    SOB represents an extensive group of the finest sources in Mexico and serves a diverse market in North America and the Caribbean.




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